Deep Crate Collective, Deep Crate Collective


The Deep Crate Collective: at Marvin every Friday/Saturday!
Based in the nation's capital since 2003, but with collective experience totalling 35+ years, DJs D-Mac, Neville C. and the Secret Chimp have been filling dancefloors all over DC, with appearances at Marvin, Local 16, Cafe Saint-Ex, Science Club, Cosmos, Jin, Wonderland, even the National Building Museum and the Hirshhorn Museum. In a city brimming over with incredible DJ talent (we should know, we call many of them friends!), D-Mac, Neville C. and the Secret Chimp stand apart. The 'Collective are serious crate-diggers, and the benefits of that obsession are always on display--the sounds of soul, disco, latin, hip-hop, funk, bossa nova, house, downtempo, indie, and jazz can always be heard in their genre-defying sets. As long as the groove is there, it'll be in the crates... Trust the 'Collective to keep the party going on and on and on.


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